Sites of Existence

Sites of Existence

Sites of Existence (2019) was produced for the group exhibition ‘Interior Monologues’, Oriel y Bont, Treforest, University of South Wales, 11 Feb to 21 Mar 2019. ‘Interior Monologues’ was an exhibition and zine publication highlighting the work of 7 artists and 8 writers all working in response to artworks selected from the USW museum status, art collection.

Sites of Existence is a set of three folded screen prints on paper with chairs and stool.

The starting point for ‘Sites of Existence’ is a need to explore and make sense of my experience of domestic abuse. Using chairs in my own home each image and its structure  describes the domestic, the psychological and the physical sites.

The screen-printing process is used for its ability to create repeated imagery, portraying the lived experience of each year, day and hour while also recognising subtle differences in each image, the new but similar experience of reading and trying to understand a scene. The folded structures form bodies, my body, and the open and closed folds either reveal and conceal, hold onto, hold back or let out.

Exhibition Zine

Artists were also invited to contribute further ‘Interior Monologue’ to an exhibition zine. Working across eight A5 paper I presented the fourth instance of ‘Sites of Existence’, a dialogue with memory, loss, destruction and control.

The Zine allowed for elements of my research and process to be included within the exhibition. The dialogue flows across pages degraded by repeated photocopying, the image breaking down, colour reduced and new texture interacts.

Exhibited in the group show Interior Monologues at Oriel y Bont, Tŷ Crawshay, University of South Wales, Treforest, 11 February to 21 March 2019.

Sites of Existence (folded screen prints on paper with stool) was exhibited at Ty Pawb Print International, Wrexham, 16 Nov 2019 – 1 Feb 2020

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