A six-piece series of cyanotype prints exploring the artist’s response to urban walking.

Somewhereness explores space, silence, stillness and otherworldliness of familiar places. Each image references a specific location along a walk but become images that could be from any place once striped of any identifiable details. Familiar but not, close and far away, creating a sense of the outsider in a know place.

The starting point for this work comes from walking alone, capturing the experience photographically, or in words and the objects, plants and leaves found along the way. I reconstruct those walks in various ways, simplifying the image to line and space or retracing my steps in the form of folding books to create images and objects that are quiet, calm, restful and reflective.

Somewhereness (2019) on display at The Art of Regeneration, Oriel y Bont, Treforest

Exhibited at

Journeys: A to C – Shared Walk, Cwtsh Arts Centre, Newport, 19 May to 16 June 2019 –

We Make Art Too, Art Central, Barry, 26 Oct to 16 Nov 2019

The Art of Regeneration, Oriel y Bont, Treforest, 2nd Dec 2019 to 28th March 2020 – see and

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