Rhondda Voices

Rhondda Voices

Rhondda Voices is a participatory installation that seeks to challenge the subjective and objective viewpoint by merging conversational contributions with photographic views of the Rhondda valley.

Rhondda Voices (2016)
Photo print on fabric, 6 channel audio installation, duration 12 minutes

During the summer of 2016 nine people with connections to the Rhondda met on a bench with the artist and spoke about their Rhondda. The artwork forms a collective conversation of shared histories, coincidences and contradictions that make up the diverse views and landscape of the valley.

Contributors and bench location
Cynthia Lewis, Tyntyla Avenue, Ystrad
Ryan Danahar, Sandy Bank Road, Ystrad
Ann Davies, Brynheulog Terrace, Tylorstown
Ann Lord, Brynheulog Terrace, Tylorstown
Keith Rhodes, Brynheulog Terrace, Tylorstown
Rob Cullen, Glyncornel Lake, Llwynypia
Kirsty Parlour, Pleasant Terrace
Lisa Powell, Penryhs Road, Penrhys
James Clemas, Eisteddfa Road, Ystrad

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