Isolation and Solitude – Self Portrait

Isolation and Solitude – Self Portrait

Isolation and Solitude comprises of two installations which explore the sensations and experiences of the individual. Queen Street (2015) attempts to create an environment that isolates the viewer from the sights and sounds of the scene. Self Portrait (2015) places the viewer in a dark space and invites contemplation of the self.

Self Portrait (2015) is a single channel video installation constructed as a collage with close-up still photographs. The video runs for 6 minutes within a darkened room to create an immersive environment.

The video is a collage of still images, each image an extreme close up, slowly revealing and concealing the figure.

It was presented as a projection onto a translucent screen, projecting onto and beyond the material of the screen.

Exhibited at the MA Arts Practice 1st year interim show at Treforest campus, University of South Wales, 5th June – 11th June 2015.

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