Here I Am
Artwork by Sara Constable

Here I Am

Film produced documenting and promoting the International Open Exhibition Here I Am at Art in the Attic, Aug 2020.

See the exhibition webpage for more details –

Here I Am invited everyone to trace the outline of their hand and draw their experience of lockdown. By placing your hand on a surface, you experience touch, by drawing the outline you leave your trace, and in that moment, you can say “Here I Am”.

Hands became an important element during the pandemic; wash your hands, the NHS clap, waving to friends from a distance or on a video call but also avoiding touch and experiencing the loss of the comfort of touch.

The pandemic and lockdown have had a profound effect on all of us and this exhibition brings together a wide range of experiences, placing the artist within the image and capturing moments unique and shared, of isolation and togetherness, of fear and hope, of challenges and strength.

The exhibition includes submissions from across the UK, USA, China, Spain and France, from artists, professional and amateur, young and old and contains over 100 artworks and poems.

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